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Helping more African Americans thrive in the insurance industry

African Americans are generally underrepresented in the insurance industry. According to a recent report, only 13 percent of workers in the industry are African American. But with rising calls for diversity, the industry has made some progress in employing and promoting more people of color in recent years. So, how…...

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Creating a more inclusive culture in insurance: best practices for companies and employees

Many companies in the insurance industry are actively working to diversify their workforces and foster inclusive work environments by launching company-wide initiatives, internship and recruiting programs, employee resource groups, and community outreach activities. Here are some best practices for companies and employees to build a more inclusive workplace culture. Make…...

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The role of mentorship in the success of African American insurance professionals

Individuals with mentors are six times more likely to be promoted than those without mentors, promoted five times more often, and 20 percent more likely to receive a pay raise, human resources experts at Sun Microsystems found. There’s no question that the corporate landscape requires talented and passionate individuals. And…...

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