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NAAIA Foundation leadership sets its sights on 2023 priorities

As the NAAIA Foundation prepares for its Inaugural Fundraiser on March 30 in downtown Atlanta, its leadership intends to make a big impact in the upcoming year.

NAAIA Foundation CEO and Chair Ken Branch said the organization will focus on three areas: raising awareness of the foundation, fundraising, and distributing those funds to organizations that align with its mission.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people who are aligned with the idea of helping African Americans be more successful in the insurance and financial services space,” Branch said. “There are a few organizations out there that focus on the ground-level work, but the NAAIA Foundation is really about finding people who need some funding to be successful and helping them accomplish their mission by providing funding.”

Anise Wiley-Little, a NAAIA Foundation board member, echoed the importance of educating insurance and financial services companies “so that they can feel comfortable supporting that mission and that vision so we can have the ability to raise the funds that are necessary to ensure that the work that we have laid out is accomplished.”

The NAAIA Foundation seeks to provide philanthropic support to nonprofit organizations through established programs in local communities throughout the world and to increase the understanding and importance of the industry in rebuilding communities throughout the world when impacted by natural and other disasters.

In its short history, the NAAIA Foundation has distributed $27,517 in philanthropic funding to Heal Our Land and The Women’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society, provided relief efforts in areas hardest hit by Hurricane Dorian, and provided funding for the 2019-2021 NAAIA Talent Competition.

Tickets and donations to the Inaugural Fundraiser on March 30 will help fund existing nonprofit organizations supporting educational scholarships, leadership development, community redevelopment, and insurance agency minority ownership. Learn more and register at

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