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Atlanta holds special meaning as NAAIA Foundation looks ahead to Inaugural Fundraiser

When Ken Branch, CEO and Chair of the NAAIA Foundation, and his organization started planning its first-ever fundraiser, choosing a host city took very little time.

“I think saying you want to help Africans Americans in the insurance and financial space and choosing Atlanta as the place to launch it makes a lot of sense,” Branch said. “It’s one of the best markets in the country. It’s loaded with successful African American companies and businesses and organizations, and in some ways, it’s a super powerful financial services insurance industry home.”

“The Cradle of the modern Civil Rights Movement,” Atlanta is a center of African American history, wealth, and culture. NAAIA Foundation Board Member Anise Wiley-Little also noted the city’s significance to the organization and its mission.

“The National African American Insurance Association Foundation is excited to have our first event in Atlanta. Atlanta has a very deep community that’s steeped in insurance, and it allows us to get the word out,” Wiley-Little said.

Hosting the Inaugural Fundraiser in Atlanta gives the NAAIA Foundation its best chance of attracting insurance industry leaders to support its mission and vision, Branch said.

“My hope is that we get there, we have a very successful event, people see that this foundation can help in the industry, and they are willing to contribute, not only with their time and effort, but also their resources,” Branch said.

Wiley-Little said the event will help many more people understand the NAAIA Foundation’s focus, which includes scholarships, leadership development, business ownership, and community development. This will help “begin to grow our foundation and achieve our goals – the aggressive goals – that we have set out.”

Tickets and donations to the Inaugural Fundraiser on March 30 will help fund existing nonprofit organizations supporting educational scholarships, leadership development, community redevelopment, and insurance agency minority ownership. Learn more and register at

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