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Giving Back to Underserved Communities This Holiday Season

The holiday season is not just a time for festive cheer but an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on underserved communities. As you plan your celebrations, consider the impactful ways you can contribute to underserved communities, as well as minority groups and people of color. Let’s explore three avenues…...

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From Classroom to Boardroom: Strengthening Insurance Education and Career Opportunities for Students of Color

Increasing career opportunities for students of color should bring together policy makers, non-government organizations, educational institutions, and individuals if the goal is to create inclusive and equitable workplaces, educational landscapes, and communities in America. With equal access to quality education, students of color can secure a plethora of job opportunities.…...

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Encouraging Diversity and Equity in Your Company’s Leadership

Despite the constant calls for diversity and equity in companies, it is unfortunate that most companies, including those offering financial services and insurance, are still behind in their representation. Studies by McKinsey & Company show that Black professionals in senior managerial positions only make up 4% of the workforce. Given…...

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