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College Students of Color: Overcoming Racial Disparities

In the pursuit of higher education, students of color encounter a myriad of challenges that stem from deeply ingrained racial disparities within academic institutions. These challenges are particularly pronounced in predominantly white institutions (PWIs), where students of color often find themselves navigating an environment that lacks cultural representation and systemic…...

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Bridging the Gap: Higher Education in Underserved Communities

As we all know, access to higher education is crucial for personal and societal growth. That said, a glaring disparity persists between underserved communities and their more privileged counterparts. Recent studies have shed light on this issue, revealing that students from underserved populations are less inclined to pursue education beyond…...

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What Can Mentors Do to Influence Career Preparedness for Students?

In the hyper-competitive world we live in today, any help we can get along our life journey is valuable. Aside from our parents, family, friends, and colleagues, mentors are some of the most important people we can be lucky enough to have in our lives. Here’s a quick look at…...

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