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How the Insurance Industry is Changing in 2024

Nearly every industry has been impacted by inflation and other economic challenges this decade. In 2024, the insurance industry will continue to undergo shifts that directly affect careers for insurance professionals. Higher premiums are inevitable due to rising costs that impact supply chains. Here’s a look at the insurance industry landscape for…...

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Starting an Insurance Agency: What You Need to Know

Establishing and running an insurance agency is a highly profitable venture, thanks to its consistent demand. It is also a great avenue for recurring revenue and can provide the financial security and stability you require in a career. Once you decide the type of insurance product you are going to…...

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Overcoming Obstacles as a Young Black Entrepreneur

African Americans have made significant contributions to the business landscape globally. Unfortunately, the road to success for black entrepreneurs has several obstacles. While the number of black-owned businesses has increased, black entrepreneurs should contend with very tough barriers. For instance, even though funding is a standard challenge for small businesses,…...

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Fostering Success for Black Business Owners

Black business owners often have to overcome big odds in their desire to achieve the American dream. Fortunately, they can count on the support of some forward-thinking individuals and institutions to overcome these barriers. What are the most pressing challenges that black-owned businesses face, and how can they overcome them?…...

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Encouraging Diversity and Equity in Your Company’s Leadership

Despite the constant calls for diversity and equity in companies, it is unfortunate that most companies, including those offering financial services and insurance, are still behind in their representation. Studies by McKinsey & Company show that Black professionals in senior managerial positions only make up 4% of the workforce. Given…...

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How the NAAIA Foundation can help more African Americans succeed in the Insurance and Financial Services industries

Scholarships, business ownership, leadership development, and community development are central to the work of the NAAIA Foundation. The organization will support those who help African Americans enjoy success in Insurance and Financial Services as well as African American communities impacted by disasters. The foundation’s leadership is aware that its efforts…...

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