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Giving Back to Underserved Communities This Holiday Season

The holiday season is not just a time for festive cheer but an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on underserved communities. As you plan your celebrations, consider the impactful ways you can contribute to underserved communities, as well as minority groups and people of color. Let’s explore three avenues…...

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Natural Disaster Preparedness in Underserved Communities

Natural disasters are always going to happen, they are part of nature. The goal is thus to prepare communities, building their capacity to face and recover from natural disasters. Doing this is what is called building resilience, and a big part of that is increasing the communities’ preparedness for natural…...

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Inclusive Insurance: Addressing the Needs of Underserved Communities

The insurance market, while it remains widespread across the U.S., isn’t fully inclusive. The racial and financial gap in the insurance realm caused by various reasons cannot be ignored. According to Life & Health Insurance Inclusion Radar, affordability and accessibility are the two main reasons behind insurance exclusivity. That said,…...

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