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Elizabeth Williams to serve on board of NAAIA Foundation

Ken Branch

WASHINGTON, DC (August 3,2023)— Elizabeth S. Williams, Managing Partner of &Minds Partners, has been appointed to the board of directors of NAAIA Foundation.  NAAIA Foundation is a recently launched not-for-profit foundation that will provide assistance and philanthropic support for programs aligned with its focus in communities around the world. 

“The Foundation exists to identify and invest in organizations, initiatives and communities that help African Americans gain economic parity, equity, and sustainable long-term growth in the insurance and financial services industry and that strengthen communities from a social/economic perspective,” says Ken Branch, NAAIA Foundation CEO and Chair.

“I am delighted to have been nominated to serve on the NAAIA Foundation Board of Directors,” says Williams. The mission, goals and objectives of the Foundation align with my values and my desire to have impact – to lift people of color and raise the awareness of the insurance industry as a career option and as a resource in the event of unplanned events. I am specifically interested in raising the visibility of lack of sufficient institutional supports to address the disproportionate effects of climate change on people of color.”

NAAIA Foundation was born out of the desire of National African American Insurance Association leaders to expand influence beyond the membership, networking, education, recognition, and other benefits the association delivers. NAAIA Foundation will focus its efforts on addressing four key areas related to its mission: scholarship, leadership development, community redevelopment, and agency ownership.

“The collective leadership skills, experiences and capabilities of Elizabeth and our other board members will contribute greatly to our ability to increase the number of African American professionals in the insurance and financial services industry; support career advancement and/or agency ownership; and broaden the understanding and capacity of the insurance industry in rebuilding communities when impacted by disasters,” Branch notes. “We look forward to working with other nonprofits that are committed to expanding learning, leadership, and mentoring opportunities and to advancing community development and economic empowerment causes.”

Learn more about the NAAIA Foundation at naaiafoundation.org and follow the foundation via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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